Cultured native Spanish speaking call agents based in the USA.

We Know How to Provide Spanish Answering Service: We’re Located in Miami and have always provided Spanish speaking answering services.

It’s important to trust a company with decades of experience in the Hispanic market to handle your calls

  • Located in a Key Hispanic Labor Market – We’re proudly situated in Miami, Florida, one of the preeminent Hispanic areas in the country. Not only do we have an affinity with the Spanish-speaking population of Southeast Florida—and across the United States—but we understand what’s important to the under-served Hispanic community. We comprehend the common issues, barriers, and misunderstandings you face. As a result, our staff works tirelessly to serve you according to your specific needs.

  • Staffed with Country-Neutral Accents – Even though we’re located in a prime labor market to hire Spanish-speaking employees to serve you, we don’t employ someone just because they know Spanish. We’re quite picky with who we hire. Not only do we seek staff with exemplary Spanish skills, but we also hunt for those with country-neutral accents. We know how off-putting a specific Spanish accent can be to callers, so we hire staff whose Spanish skills transcend the country.
    And what if your caller speaks English? We have you covered there too. All our telephone staff is Spanish/English bilingual.
  • Calls answered quickly – One of the characteristics that set us apart from many of the large answering service conglomerates, with their production-line approach to handling calls, is that we strive to answer your calls quickly. We know that if a call rings too many times, the caller is likely to hang up and call your competitor. Our goal is to make sure this doesn’t happen to you.
  • Month to Month Billing – No Contracts
  • Specialized Agents Assigned to Different Industries – Our phone staff focuses on specific industries. This means that a person who answers your calls is familiar with your business niche and knows the vocabulary specific to your industry. In many cases, callers don’t even realize they’ve reached us and not your office. Our staff is that knowledgeable and proficient.
  • Competitive Pricing – The goal at many answering services is to get larger. Not so with us. Our unique size—not too small and not too big—allows us to operate in a sweet spot, with low overhead costs. This benefits you in the form of lower answering service rates compared with many other answering services across the country.
  • Owner Operated – A large corporation doesn’t own America’s Telephone Answering Service that hires people to operate their business for them. We’re proud to be an owner-operated answering service, with a hands-on owner who cares about your business and the services we provide to you.
  • Owner Accessible – Not only are we owner-operated, but our owner is accessible too. He’s available to speak to you directly to address any concerns you may have.
  • 25 Years in the Business – We have been in business for a quarter of a century. We’re proud of our long heritage in serving the needs of the Spanish-speaking population of the Miami area, Southeast Florida, and across the United States. For 25 years, we’ve been here for you, and we’ll be here for you going forward, well into the future.
  • No Contracts – You get all this and more without the need to sign a contract or make a long-term commitment. We don’t need to lock you into our services with a legal agreement. We’re confident that the quality of our award-winning service speaks for itself, and we don’t need a piece of paper to keep you. Even though you can leave our services at any time, we don’t think you will. We know that our quality work will keep you as a client.
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Spanish answering service presents challenges for you and your customers, such as dealing with cross-cultural barriers and cultural variations. Many of the large answering service conglomerates provide slow call answering, long hold times, inaccurate message taking, rude operators, mishandled calls, and a lack of attention to your requirements. Not so at America’s Telephone Answering Service. We’re different. Read on to discover why.
Clients have trusted America’s Answering Service for over 25 years because we understand these Spanish-centric issues. We rise to the challenge and meet your expectations. Our carefully selected and trained staff are the key components that make us the right solution for your company. We believe you’ll find a home with us for your unique call answering needs.  So if you are looking for a Spanish-speaking answering service you can look no further.  We proudly provide all of our answering services in English and Spanish.

Cultured Native Spanish Speaking Call Agents Based in the USA

When it comes to providing Spanish answering service, it’s crucial to have call agents who are not only fluent in the language but also understand the nuances of the culture. At America’s Telephone Answering Service, we take pride in our team of cultured native Spanish speaking call agents based in the USA. Our agents have a deep understanding of the Hispanic market and are well-versed in providing exceptional customer service to Spanish-speaking callers. With their expertise, you can trust that your calls will be handled with the utmost professionalism and cultural sensitivity.

Decades of Experience in the Hispanic Market

When it comes to choosing a company to handle your Spanish answering service, experience matters. With over 25 years in the business, America’s Telephone Answering Service has a long-standing reputation for excellence in serving the needs of the Spanish-speaking population. We have a deep understanding of the Hispanic market and the unique challenges that come with it. Our decades of experience have allowed us to refine our processes and tailor our services to meet the specific needs of our Spanish-speaking clients. When you choose us, you can have peace of mind knowing that your calls are in the hands of experts who know how to navigate the complexities of the Hispanic market.”


What makes America’s Telephone Answering Service different from other answering services when it comes to Spanish answering service?

America’s Telephone Answering Service understands the challenges of cross-cultural barriers and cultural variations in Spanish answering service. Unlike other large answering service conglomerates, we provide fast call answering, short hold times, accurate message taking, polite operators, and attention to your specific requirements.

How does America’s Telephone Answering Service ensure quality in their Spanish answering service?

We carefully select and train our staff to meet the unique needs of Spanish-speaking callers. Our agents are highly trained and supervised by the owner to deliver award-winning service. We prioritize fast and courteous call answering to ensure customer satisfaction.

Can America’s Telephone Answering Service handle both English and Spanish calls?

Yes, all our telephone staff is bilingual in Spanish and English. We can effectively handle calls in both languages, ensuring seamless communication with your customers.”

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