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It’s important to trust a specialized company with decades of experience to handle the many difference scenarios related to property management calls.
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Answering calls for property management companies or condo associations can be a challenge if not handled by the right company. Clients have trusted America’s Answering Service for over 25 years to meet the demands of discerning tenants and owners. Understanding the specific needs, how to handle each individual situation, and the patience, care, and attention of a well selected and trained staff are the key components to finding the right solution for your company. We believe you’ll find that with us..

Property Management Answering Service

Apartment Complexes & Property management is a difficult industry. It exists because prospective tenant requests and renter needs often overwhelm property owners. To address this, they seek to outsource these activities to let their investment appreciate without taking up their time and encroaching on their personal life.

Yet by providing this much-needed service, property management providers assume these same demands on themselves. The ideal and most cost-effective solution is to elicit the help of an apartment complex answering service. This is the surest way for you, as a property management professional, to maintain balance in your life and achieve a level of much-needed order.

Here are the key areas where a apartment complex answering service can help. 

Respond to Prospective Tenants

Available space in a property means a loss of revenue. Too many vacancies result in too little income to meet expenses. That’s why it’s crucial to aim for 100 percent occupancy.

Prospective tenants will call at any moment of the day or night, whenever they have time, interest, or incentive. They expect a quick response. These inquiries can’t wait until you’re back in the office or for the next business day. The prospective renter may have already called someone else. But they’re most likely to be positively predisposed to the first property to give them the information they seek.

Your apartment telephone answering service can do this for you around-the-clock, 24/7. They can give out critical information and pass the inquirer on to you if they want to learn more.

And even if your privileged to enjoy 100 percent occupancy, it’s unlikely to last for long. Maintain a waiting list to fill spots as they become available.

Deal with Maintenance Issues

Finding new tenants, however, is only part of the challenge. The other issue is keeping the ones you already have. This means responding quickly to maintenance issues, especially after-hours emergencies.

Your tenants have options. If you disappoint them too often or too gravely, don’t expect them to stick around. They’ll move and hope for a better outcome.

Your property management answering service will stand in the gap to help you better address these concerns in a timelier manner. Just allowing your tenants to talk to a real person whenever they call will go a long way to assuring their satisfaction.

Be Available for Occupants

A building’s occupants not only have maintenance issues, but they can have other concerns as well. Most importantly this relates to them paying their rent. Other needs may be a desire to upgrade to a nicer space or downgrade to a less costly option. Being available to address these items will go a long way towards keeping your tenants happy.

Again, your apartment complex answering service is your front line of defense to ensure this happens.

Answer Common Questions

Both tenants and the public may have need to contact you if they have general questions about the property. You can arm your property management answering service with the answers to these frequently asked questions. Your answering service can provide answers to these callers, and you don’t even need to get involved.

What can be better than that? Good PR with little effort.

The Next Step

Hiring an answering service for property management can make the difference between a successful operation, with happy tenants, and a failure that loses money and business. Don’t delay any longer. Hire a property management  call answering service to facilitate your business and help it grow.

And if your current service is falling short, now is the ideal time to switch.

Contact us today to learn more about our after hours property management and apartment complex telephone answering service.

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