Out of Hours Telephone Answering Service

Trained and specialized agents with years of professional experience in handling incoming calls 24/7.

We Know Out of hours Telephone Answering Service!

It’s important to trust a specialized company with decades of experience in out of hours answering service to handle your incoming calls.
  • Calls answered quickly – we understand the immediacy of out of hours calls.

  • Highly trained agents with industry experience

  • Competitive pricing due to smaller staff size & low overhead

  • No Contracts

  • Bilingual service available in Spanish

  • Owner Operated – 25 Years in the Business

Answering incoming calls regarding out of hours answering service can be a challenge if not handled by the right company. Clients have trusted America’s Answering Service for over 25 years to meet the demands of discerning business owners. Understanding the specific needs, how to handle each individual situation, and the patience, care, and attention of a well selected and trained staff are the key components to finding the right solution for your company. We believe you’ll find that with us.

What do you do when you can’t answer your telephone? You could let it ring, but that’s a really bad idea and is a quick way to lose customers and chase away prospects. 

You could let an answering machine answer for you. This may have been okay a couple decades ago, but this is now an outdated solution that few will tolerate.

Or you could use its modern-day replacement, voicemail. But how many people do you know who call a business and hope to get voicemail? No one. Voicemail is frustrating, inflexible, and disrespectful to callers.

The only viable solution when you can’t personally answer your telephone yourself is to use an out of hours telephone answering service. They’re available whenever you need them—evening, weekend, holidays, and even during the daytime—to answer your phone. Between you and them, you will provide your callers—both customers and prospects—with the personal attention of a real person.

Isn’t that what everyone wants?

Evening Coverage

When most businesses think of an out of hours telephone answering service, they do so because they want their phone calls answered at night. When their workday is over, they want to go home, but they also want to ensure their callers receive the personal, professional touch that only a real person can provide.

When you go home after working all day, many other people head out at the same time. And when they arrive home, they often remember to make that phone call they intended to make during the day. They call in the evening and hope to reach a sympathetic ear—a real person. This is what an out of hours telephone answering service can provide.

Weekend Coverage

A second key area that an out of hours telephone answering service can handle is weekend coverage. Many offices and businesses are open weekdays, such as from 8 to 5 or 9 to 6. They can answer their own phone calls during that time. But most close on the weekend. They need help with their phones on Saturday and Sunday, just as they do in the evenings on Monday through Friday.

The same answering service that provides evening coverage for them can continue to offer the same responsive, excellent service on weekends too. It’s seamless coverage from when you close on Friday evenings to when you reopen on Monday mornings—or whatever your schedule dictates.

Holiday Coverage

Unusual cases occur on holidays. Did you know that some answering services don’t answer all their clients’ phone calls on holidays? Or if they do, they may charge extra. That’s nonsense.

Holiday service is the third type of coverage that an out of hours telephone answering service can provide. And the best ones don’t charge extra for this special service.

Daytime Coverage

What about during office hours? Circumstances may arise when you or your staff can’t answer every phone call. Or maybe some other critical customer-facing work takes precedence over a ringing telephone.

This scenario is yet another opportunity for an out of hours telephone answering service to come to the rescue. Quite simply, they can answer your phone when you can’t.

Around-The-Clock Coverage

Combining all these coverage options together, an out of hours telephone answering service can handle all your critical phone calls—for both customers and prospects—in the evenings, on weekends, for holidays, and even during the day.

This provides you with around-the-clock coverage from your dependable out of hours telephone answering service. They’ll help serve your customers well and grow your business.

And that’s just what we do. Contact us today to learn more about our quality out of hours telephone answering service.