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Remote Call Forwarding

There are more call forwarding options available in most areas to make using call forwarding more accessible and flexible. The most useful addition is Remote Call Forwarding. This service will allow you to set up your call forwarding service from any location using a Touch-Tone telephone. This means you will not have to physically be in your office to be able to forward, or un-forward your calls.

Remote access to call forwarding may carry an additional monthly charge from the phone company.  Please contact your local service phone company to sign up. After signing up you will be given the remote access number to call and (usually) a PIN number or security code.  You will need both of these to access the call forwarding feature.

As our answering service  client you may submit your Remote Call Forwarding credentials to us.  In the event that you forget to forward your phones our agents will forward them for you.

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