Call Forwarding Troubleshooting

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Call Forwarding Troubleshooting

Problem: You try multiple times to call forward your lines, but calls are still ringing through to you.

Solution: Occasionally the forwarding will not take due problems with a the phone company the command. Simply remove any programming by dialing *73. Then try forwarding your phones again.

Problem: When you try to forward a line or when deactivating call forwarding, you hear a fast busy tone.

Solution: This tone usually indicates that the feature you are trying to use is already enabled. Hang up the phone and use the opposite command. For example, you try to forward your phones and hear a fast busy. This indicates the line may already be forwarded. Use the 73# command to deactivate the forwarding, hang up the phone and start the call forwarding process again.

Problem: You want to verify that the forwarding is activated and ringing at the correct number such as your answering service.

Solution: After forwarding your telephone line to The Answering Service, pick up another line and dial your business number. You should hear one ring on your office phone and then the line will be successfully call forwarded.

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