Getting Started

Can you provide references?2020-10-20T04:44:08-04:00

We respect the privacy of our clients and do not furnish references at this time.

I am ready to sign up. Now what?2020-10-21T12:58:37-04:00

Great.  1. Visit our Sign Up page. 2. You’ll receive a welcome email with your forwarding number within 2 hours during our office hours, or on the next business day if outside regular office hours. It’s that simple!

How long have you been in the answering service business?2020-10-20T04:43:46-04:00

We have proudly been serving customers over 25 years.

How long does it take to setup service with you?2020-10-20T04:43:31-04:00

Most accounts can start with us the same day depending on the complexity of your account. We make signup and onboarding simple and easy.

Why should I choose America’s Telephone Answering Service over other services?2020-10-21T13:02:36-04:00

We think there are a lot of reasons, but here are the top 5 our customers mention to us:  1. We are owner-operated, with the same personal service as when we started 20+ years ago.  2. Our service levels and attention to detail are superior to the large call center conglomerates.  3. Fast call answering and minimal hold time.  4. Fair pricing and accurate billing.  5. Our owner is personally available to assist you.

Do I have to sign a lengthy contract with you?2020-10-20T04:43:08-04:00

No. We never ask our clients to sign a contract. Our customers choose stay with us because of the high level of service and personalized attention they receive.

Is there a setup fee to start service?2020-10-19T21:37:55-04:00

No, we never charge a setup or programming fee.

Billing Payments

What is your billing cycle?2020-10-20T04:42:53-04:00

We bill on a 28-day cycle which corresponds to the same schedule of our payroll. Your first month will be pro-rata for the days before the first billing cycle.

How do you bill for services; by the call or time?2020-10-20T04:42:39-04:00

We utilize time billing which is explained on our pricing page.

When I call to the service, is that charged to my account?2020-10-20T04:42:23-04:00

Yes. All incoming calls are billable because our rates are based on operator labor.

What are your rates?2020-12-02T04:56:53-05:00

Please see our pricing page.

Do you charge extra for service during the holidays?2020-10-20T04:41:51-04:00

Yes, certain holidays operators are paid incentive pay and a holiday fee is used to recoup the additional labor expense.

What payment methods do you accept?2020-10-19T21:55:18-04:00

We accept Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover, and Checks.

Using The Service

Are your services available nationwide?2020-10-20T04:41:31-04:00

Yes, our answering services is nationwide.

How quickly will my calls be answered?2020-10-20T04:41:19-04:00

We provide each call undivided attention. Unlike some services, we do not place a call on hold to answer another call. If for some reason a call on your account rings over 3 times, it is answered in your company name and answered by the next available agent.

Can you transfer or connect my calls directly to me?2020-10-21T13:05:02-04:00

Certainly! We can transfer calls to any number you choose.  *Patching is billed at 50 cents per patch plus 50 cents per minute.

My other service puts me and my customers on hold all the time. Is this going to happen?2020-10-20T04:40:51-04:00

We know that your customers’ time, and your time, is valuable. Our flex-staffing model allows us to quickly scale agents available and nearly eliminate this problem faced with many answering services. Our average hold time is less than 20 seconds, and less than 10% of our calls are ever placed on hold.

We have a lot of people who receive messages and they have different means of receiving messages. Will you be able to accommodate multiple delivery methods for my account?2020-10-20T04:39:54-04:00

Yes. You can use a different method for delivery for each person.

How can I receive my messages?2020-10-20T04:39:43-04:00

We have a lot of options for you to choose from. However, some delivery methods take longer and therefore will incur more operator time being billed. Emailing you a message is immediate and involves very little operator time. We can call you on your cell phone and relay the messages, however this involves more operator time. Alternatively, you may always dial in through your answering service forwarding number and retrieve them through an operator.

How many calls can the answering service handle at one time?2020-10-20T04:39:30-04:00

On our end, there is no limit. Our flex-staffing allows us to quickly and easily scale based on call volume. However, some phone companies do limit the number of calls they will forward at a time. Please check with your local phone company to determine if they limit the number of calls that can be forwarded.

Do you have expertise in specific industries?2020-10-20T04:39:14-04:00

Having been in business for over 20 years, we have worked with just about every vertical and specialty business out there. We train agents to service accounts in unique industries. Visit our specialties page to learn about the many types of businesses we serve.

Are calls answered by US-based staff?2020-10-20T04:38:59-04:00

Yes, all calls are answered in the United States. We never outsource!

Can I receive a local telephone number?2020-10-20T04:38:22-04:00

We provide local area telephone numbers for most areas of the United States. In the event a local number cannot be obtained, a Toll-Free number will be provided at a cost, for you to forward your phones to us.

Are all calls answered by a live agent?2020-10-21T13:05:54-04:00

Yes. Live answering service has been the hallmark of our business and always will be.  We do offer sophisticated solutions for providing information to your callers, as well as voice mail and call screening without using operator time – thus reducing your bill. Ask us about these services to explore if they might benefit your business.

Am I required to use a pre-operator announcement like other answering services?2020-10-19T21:58:41-04:00

We always offer “live” answering, but can explore with you whether or not using a pre-operator announcement would be beneficial to you.

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