Are You Considering Switching Answering Services?

Are You Considering Switching Answering Services?

Changing telephone answering services can present challenges, cause anxieties, and generate turmoil if not undertaken with intentional focus. Though switching answering services can be fast and easy when you transition to us at America’s Telephone Answering Service, a bit of planning can help make the process go even smoother.

Now that you want to change answering services, you’re no doubt anxious to leave your current service in your rearview mirror and are anticipating what your new telephone answering service will provide for you. But before you move from the past into your future, spend some time evaluating your current situation.

What Things Would You Like Your New Answering Service to Do Better?

Most likely, you’re switching answering services to avoid some pain points. Were they rude? Did they fail to pronounce your name correctly? Perhaps they didn’t double-check phone numbers or verify the spelling of names. List these shortcomings, so you can communicate your concerns to your new answering service. Once they are aware of what upsets you, they can focus on avoiding a repeat.

Identify What You Like About Your Current Answering Service

Consider the aspects you appreciate about your present answering service. Certainly, they have some good qualities. Note what these are and be sure to communicate them to your new answering service so they can make sure to include them in their service package. Don’t assume that since one answering service did something, that all will automatically do the same thing. Be sure to mention what you like so your new provider can duplicate it.

Organize All the Information Your New Answering Service Will Need

Compile all the information your answering service will need to serve your account with excellence. Basic information includes your company name, how you want your phone answered, your address, and, of course, your phone number.

If your answering service will need a list of your employees and how to reach them, gather this information so you can present it to them at one time. This is far better than feeding it to them piecemeal over several days or weeks as you collect it.

Similarly, and more importantly, is on-call information if this is relevant to your company and how you do business. Only by giving your new answering service complete information about each on-call person, what they cover, and how to contact them can your service provide you with the total package that you expect.

And if having an on-call person isn’t currently part of how you do business, you may want to establish an emergency contact for your answering service to reach in the event that a customer’s situation can’t wait until regular business hours. If you fail to address urgent situations that occur after hours, you’ll end up encouraging your customers to seek your competition for the answers they need, when they want them.

Frame Expectations for Your New Answering Service

Let your new answering service know your customer service protocols, of how you want them to handle your calls. Work hard to define your expectations for them to follow. If you don’t give them specific instructions on how you want them to serve you, they’ll struggle to follow through with any consistency, because they can’t read your mind.


Regardless of the reason why you’re switching answering services, provide them with the right information and specific instructions that they’ll need to serve you with excellence. Careful preparation now will pay off handsomely in outstanding customer service outcomes.

If you’re thinking about switching answering services, contact us today to discover how we can serve you and your callers.

Bilingual Answering Service in Miami

Miami-Based America’s Telephone Answering Service

America’s Telephone Answering Service serves clients across the United States. Our growth is a tribute to the success we’ve had in serving a diverse client base throughout the country. But as a Miami-based bilingual answering service, with 100 percent local staff, we’re committed to our area: Miami, Miami-Dade County, and Southeast Florida.

If you seek an answering service with a local Miami connection and a local Miami commitment, your search is over. When you buy local from America’s Telephone Answering Service you invest in the local economy, and, as a bonus, you’ll enjoy award-winning service from a leading and independently owned and operated answering service.


We’re in Miami. And we know Miami. We understand the local culture, the distinctive needs of our unique bilingual business environment, and the practical expectations of our English and Spanish-speaking population. You won’t find that in any other answering service outside the area or in another state.

We’re committed to Miami, which means we’re committed to local businesses and to your organization. This benefits you and your callers because we know what’s going on locally and can serve you more intelligently and with greater insight. You win, and your callers win with an answering service in Miami.

English/Spanish Bilingual

With a 100 percent bilingual staff, America’s Telephone Answering Service employees can interact with you in either Spanish or English, according to your preferences. And your customers and callers receive the same courteous, flexible communication in their language of choice. We achieve this by hiring the best bilingual employees, who are proficient in both English and Spanish. The result is a fully Miami-based bilingual answering service that is homegrown and committed to serving you and our community.

Homegrown Staff

All our staff hail from the Miami area. We work in Miami, and we live in Miami. We’re committed to our community and the surrounding area, serving the region with bilingual English/Spanish, award-winning service distinction.

As a local Miami business, we’re big enough to deliver excellence and small enough to provide the local, homegrown, caring touch that you and your callers deserve and appreciate. This starts with our hands-on owner and accessible management team who support our phone-answering employees and empowers them to serve you with quality service that is second to none.

Select America’s Telephone Answering Service: Miami-Based and Bilingual

To provide your customers and callers with the best service available—and one that’s located right here in Miami—go with our Miami-based bilingual answering service. We’re staffed with agents who have both Spanish and English proficiency. The best way to serve your diverse customers is with a bilingual telephone answering service that’s right here in Miami.

You’ll get all this and much more with the award-winning employees at America’s Telephone Answering Service. Contact us today to discover how we can serve you and your callers in both English and Spanish.

For a Miami-based bilingual answering service in Spanish and English, go with the telephone service experts at America’s Telephone Answering Service.

Para obtener un buen servicio de mensajería telefónica bilingüe con sede en Miami, consulte con los expertos en mensajeria, America’s Telephone Answering Service.

Four key benefits of a bilingual law firm answering service

Key Outcomes of Using a Bilingual Law Firm Answering Service

Are you looking for ways to better address the legal needs of your clients? Do you want to achieve better results without working even more hours than you already are? The solution is both simple and elegant. Hire a bilingual law firm answering service to handle your telephone communications for you, freeing you up to do what is more important and what is more fulfilling.

Better Serve Spanish Speakers

When you hire a proven bilingual legal answering service, you tap a professional organization that will handle your Spanish-speaking callers with the same excellence as your English-speaking callers and vice versa. That’s what happens when you use an answering service that is truly bilingual.

It makes no difference if the caller speaks English or Spanish, everyone will receive the same great level of service from the staff at a 100 percent bilingual answering service. But you won’t realize this benefit unless you hire a bilingual law firm answering service.

Maximize Billable Hours

Many people think a bilingual answering service answers calls outside of business hours. This is correct. However, they can also take your calls during office hours.

By turning your ringing telephone over to your bilingual legal answering service, you remove distractions, which allows for an increase in your focus. This provides the opportunity to maximize your billable hours when you’re in the office.

And your answering service will also cover for you when you’re meeting with a client or in court.

Grow Your Client Base

What happens when someone calls your law firm when your office is closed? Do they reach a clunky answering machine? That certainly sends the wrong message, and they’ll be sure to dismiss you forever. Or might they encounter a voicemail system? They’re unlikely to leave a message, but they will call your competitor instead, which means you just lost business.

Or you could have these after-hours calls forward to your cell phone. That would certainly provide a personal, accessible touch, which avoids the downsides of automation. But the risk of doing this is constant incursions on your personal time. That’s not a viable solution either.

The best and most cost-effective solution is to have a bilingual legal answering service handle your calls 24/7. This provides around-the-clock accessibility to your clients and prospective clients on the evenings, weekends, and even holidays.

Not only will your bilingual law firm answering service take messages for you, they can also screen your calls and perform a basic intake interview with prospective clients. The bottom line in all this is you will grow your client base, which will bolster your business’s bottom line.

Protect Personal Time

As we mentioned, your bilingual legal answering service can screen your calls and do a basic intake for new clients. This means less interruptions during family time and personal activities when you’re not in the office.

You tell your bilingual answering service what constitutes an emergency and what doesn’t. Using your criteria, they’ll contact you only with those calls that truly need your immediate attention, according to your instructions. For all other callers, they’ll give out information to the caller or collect information from them for you to address the next business day.

The result of this is being able to better separate your business life from your personal life, providing a more holistic lifestyle.

The Next Step

To realize the excellence provided by a bilingual law firm answering service, go with the award-winning experts at America’s Telephone Answering Service. Contact us today to discover how we can serve you and your callers in both English and Spanish.

Additional Service Offerings

Americas Telephone Answering Service is excited to expand our services to include the following. All of our latest service offerings are available with bilingual agents speaking English and Spanish.

Telephone Answering Service
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Doctors Exchange Answering Service
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24/7 answering service
small business answering service
Spanish Answering Service

Bilingual Answering Service Benefits

Discover the Benefits of Bilingual Answering Service

If some of your customers speak English and other customers speak Spanish, shouldn’t you have an answering service that can talk with them both? Shouldn’t you have a bilingual answering service? Yes, of course you should, but do you?

Too many businesses have an English-only perspective and effectively dismiss their Spanish-speaking prospects, as well as those who are bilingual but prefer Spanish. Did you know that one in eight people in the United States speak Spanish or prefer Spanish?

English Answering Services

There are many answering services that speak English, and some of them are good. But many are part of large answering service conglomerates that crank through calls, pushing quality aside and not being able to deal with the important expectations you have for your customers and your callers.

Yes, these English-only answering services can effectively communicate with your English-speaking callers. They’ll answer your phone in English, talk with your callers in English, and take messages in English.

But if a Spanish speaker or Spanish-preferred speaker calls, these English-only answering services will flounder. They won’t know what to do. They might have one or two staff members who speak a little Spanish. And even if they do, what if that one person isn’t working when your Spanish speaking customer happens to call?

Nothing will happen. They won’t be able to serve your Spanish-speaking caller. That person will hang up and call someone else who is able to talk to them in Spanish. You’ll lose business. This happens because you have the wrong answering service.

Spanish Answering Services

Alternately you can hire an answering service Spanish specialty provider. Though not common, they do exist. They’ll treat your Spanish callers with excellence. They’ll answer in Spanish, talk to callers in Spanish, and take messages in Spanish.

Your Spanish-speaking callers and customers will be delighted. But unless your English-speaking callers know a bit of Spanish—and most do not—they’ll be out of luck.

Instead of looking for an answering service in Spanish or one in English, seek a Spanish-English answering service. You need a bilingual answering service for English and Spanish.

Bilingual Answering Services and Multilingual Answering Services

To get the best of both worlds you want an English and Spanish speaking answering service. This bilingual telephone answering service can fluently talk with your callers in both English and Spanish.

And if a caller starts out in one language, such as English, and switches to Spanish so that they can better communicate, the answering service bilingual agent can switch languages along with them. That can’t happen at a Spanish answering service. Nor can it happen at an English answering service. It can only happen with answering service English and Spanish specialists at a fully bilingual answering service.

The Ideal Solution

To provide your customers and callers with the best possible service, don’t go with a single language answering service. Instead go with a bilingual answering service staffed with bilingual agents who are fluent in both English and Spanish. This is the best way to serve a diverse customer base.

To realize the excellence provided by an answering service that speaks Spanish, go with the award-winning experts at America’s Telephone Answering Service. Contact us today to discover how we can serve you and your callers in both English and Spanish.

For bilingual telephone message service in Spanish and English, go with the telephone service experts at America’s Telephone Answering Service.

Para obtener un servicio mensajería telefónico bilingüe en español y inglés, Venga con los expertos de servicio telefónicos de los Estado Unidos.