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The last call answering service you’ll ever need.

It’s important to trust a company with decades of experience to handle your calls.
  • Calls answered quickly – by specialized agents assigned to different industries.
  • More competitive pricing due to low overhead costs and smaller staff size
  • Owner Operated & Supervised – 25 Years in the Business
  • Month to Month Billing – No Contracts
  • Owner available to speak directly with you to resolve any issues

Call Answering Service 

Do you need someone to answer your telephone when you’re unavailable, out of the office, or after hours? You need a call answering service.

 Yes, call answering services still exist, but they’re not all the same. For the best results, you need America’s Telephone Answering Service, the premier call answering service provider.

Here’s why.

The Right Size

Most call answering services today are part of a large network or under the control of a distant corporate conglomerate. It’s hard to get personal, professional service from the big boys. They’re just too big.

The other extreme is the startup provider or small struggling service. But they lack the critical size necessary to serve you with excellence. They may try hard and be sincere about their intentions, but that’s not enough to provide you with the service you expect—and deserve. They’re just too small.

America’s Telephone Answering Service is just right. They are neither too big nor too small.

They been in business for a quarter century, so they know what they’re doing. Time has proven their capabilities. They’ve also resisted the industry trend of selling out to the highest bidder and having an acquisition-minded corporation gobble them up.

They’ve proven themselves and are committed to maintaining a right-sized mentality, intent on providing the best possible call answering service to their clients.

Owner Operated and Managed

A key reason why America’s Telephone Answering Service has maintained its right-size status is that it is owner operated and managed. This means that the owner is directly involved in the day-to-day activities of the business.

This direct approach by someone with a personal stake in the outcome means that your results are what you expect, something you can rely on, and what you deserve from a call answering service. The big boys can’t do that, and the small providers try but fall short. 

28-Day Billing

Many answering services bill by the month. With some months lasting 31 days and others as short as 28, this means that the amount of work covered in each bill can vary by as much as 10 percent. As a result, some bills may have overages, while other bills won’t. How can you budget for that? You can’t.

A more enlightened approach is to bill every four weeks. This means that each invoice covers the same number of days. It also means that (unless you have seasonal fluctuations) you can expect a consistent bill from one invoice to the next. This 28-day billing allows you to budget more effectively and avoid unpleasant surprises.

English-Spanish Bilingual

An increasingly important feature is bilingual telephone representatives answering your calls. For some businesses having English-Spanish reps is critical.

Yet every business, regardless of location, can benefit by having a call answering service that can interact with callers in either English or Spanish, the second most used language in the United States.

Even if you only have one call a month from a Spanish speaking or Spanish preferred customer, being able to interact with them in Spanish is the difference between retaining business and losing it. If a prospect calls, it’s the difference between gaining a new customer and sending them to your competition.

Ready to Serve You

Contact us today to learn more about our call answering service. Then you can begin using a telephone answering service that is the right size, owner operated, with 28-day billing, and offers English-Spanish bilingual staff.

It’s a combination that can’t be beat.

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