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If you run an immigration law firm, employing a bilingual, 24-hour Spanish-speaking answer service offers a multitude of benefits, including capturing more leads.

Think about it: which language are people in need of your services most likely to want to speak? In most cases, it will be Spanish.  

Surprisingly, though, relatively few immigration law firms ever consider the advantages of implementing a bilingual law office answering service. They assume that communicating in English only is sufficient and that their clients will be able to adapt. After all, sometimes they can. 

In business, though, that’s not the point. The idea shouldn’t be to rely on your clients to manage their communication with you. Instead, it should be to provide facilities that actually make your services better. 

Imagine, for instance, if you wanted to emigrate to a foreign country. Which law service would you be most likely to choose: the one that speaks the native language or the one that speaks yours fluently? The answer is obvious.  

In this post, we run through some of the reasons why your immigration law firm needs a bilingual 24-hour Spanish-speaking answering service. Check them out below. 

Most Of Your Clients Will Be From Spanish-Speaking Countries

The vast majority of your clients will be Spanish-speaking because of the geographic proximity of the US to Mexico, the Caribbean, and other Central American countries. Pew Research reveals that Spanish is by far the most widely spoken language, with 42 percent of immigrants to the US saying that it is their mother tongue. To put that into perspective, only 6 percent speak Chinese and 5 percent speak Hindi, and the percentage share of other languages is even smaller. 

Furthermore, English proficiency among US immigrants has actually been falling since the 1980s. 57.2 percent of migrants spoke good English at the start of the Reagan era, while only around 53.2 percent do today.

The implication of these statistics is clear: if you want to attract immigrants to your law firm, you need to offer Spanish-speaking answering services. 

It Helps You Understand Your Clients Better

Let’s say that you are a legal professional, but you don’t speak Spanish. For domestic legal matters, that’s not an issue. You just carry out all your dealings in your native tongue. 

But what if a Spanish-speaking immigrant calls you in need of your services and they don’t speak English either? Then you’re in trouble. 

With an immigration attorney answering service, however, you can effectively sidestep this issue. Spanish-speaking reps can collect critical information about the client – such as their current status and location – and then you can use that information to determine whether they have a case or not. 

Think about the amount of time you could save with a service like this. You avoid letting high-value clients slip through the net while triaging those you can’t help. You also get away from endless confusing conversations when there is a language barrier. 

You Don’t Have To Be In The Office To Take Calls

As an immigration lawyer, you never quite know when a client will need your help. Sometimes, immigrants will require assistance in the middle of the night. 

As a professional, you want to answer all their calls, but there’s an obvious snag: you can’t be in the office all the time. So how do you help people out-of-hours? 

Again, the answer is to choose a 24-hour call answering service. These services provide massive accessibility for Spanish-speaking customers and allow you to communicate with people across time-zones at any time of day or night. 

Reduce Your Current Receptionist Expenses

Bilingual call answering services take calls all day long. As a consequence, they’ve become incredibly good at what they do. Many use cutting-edge technology, real-time message delivery, appointment scheduling, call patching, and more. 

For attorneys, this is great news because it allows you to free up your time and cut down on your administrative costs. It also lets you plan for things like holidays and sick days by providing an answering service that collects important messages while you’re away. 

The fact that it operates day and night is also a competitive advantage. You can advertise yourself as a 24-hour immigration attorney service while your competitors must adhere to “regular office hours.”

So, in summary, hiring a bilingual 24-hour Spanish-speaking answering service for your immigration firm offers a host of benefits. These include better service, increased ability to capture leads, lower expenses, and better scheduling. Perhaps it is something you could try.