What Is Call Answering Service?


What is call answering service? Does your business need one? In this post we’ll answer these two questions. First, we’ll break down what call answering service is. Then, we’ll discuss—albeit briefly—the many benefits it offers. Then you can decide if it’s the right solution for your company or organization.


 The first word in the phrase call answering service is call. As in telephone call or phone call for short. In our world of instant access, the once-ubiquitous phone call may seem like a technology whose day has come and gone. Has email replaced it? Has social media and texting replaced email? No way.

 Though social media and texting have their place in today’s communication channels, email has proven its staying power, and even more so the telephone, which has been around for more than a century.

 How often have you grown frustrated with brief text messages that confuse rather than clarify? How often is an email exchange taken time and accomplish nothing useful?

 When this occurs it’s time to pick up the phone in place a call.

 Call Answering

 Calling a business on the telephone is often the fastest way to provide the clearest communication, but for this to occur, the ringing telephone must first be answered. For true interaction to take place—for meaningful dialogue to occur—it takes two.

 This means that someone—or something—needs to answer the call. This means a person or technology. Yet when we rely on technology to handle the call answering assignment, we lose the ability for immediate two-way interaction, which is the telephone’s specialty.

 Answering machines aren’t dependable, and voicemail often blocks effective communication rather than facilitating it. Applying technology to the phone answering requirement delays the interaction needed and thwarts real-time dialogue from occurring.

 The other call answering solution is a real person. Isn’t a live, breathing, individual who you want to talk with? Automation can’t provide what you seek, but a person can. A human being is essential for effective call answering to occur.

 Call Answering Service

 People place calls when their need for assistance or answers is the highest. This may be during regular business hours, which occurs only 25 percent of a week’s 168 hours. More likely this need for real-time communication occurs in the other 75 percent of any given week.

 Though many people carry their smart phones with them wherever they go and answer calls whenever they come in, is this really a healthy solution? Is it a wise business decision to be always on and never take a break? We know the answers, and they are no. Yet we persist in trying to be always available.

 To give us relief from being ever reachable, we can delegate the all-important call answering responsibility to a service that specializes in it: a call answering service.

 A call answering service can answer your business calls when you’re unavailable. This could be to allow for family time, a well-deserved break, or a time of needed restoration. Hire a call answering service to help you better manage your workload and still treat your customers and callers with the respect they deserve.

 What’s a Call Answering Service Do?

 As suggested by the name, a call answering service will handle your phone calls.

 They’ll answer in the name of your company, give out information to routine questions, and take messages for non-urgent calls. If a call is urgent, they can reach the appropriate on-call person or refer the caller to an optional resource.

 The bottom line is that a call answering service will handle your calls when you’re not available or when you should enjoy some time away from the office not thinking about work.

 Now you know what a call answering services and what it can do for your business and personal wellbeing. Contact us to discover how we can meet your business answering service needs 24/7.