Why All Spanish Speaking Answering Services Are Not the Same

What should you do for an answering service if most, or all, of your callers speak Spanish? You need a Spanish-speaking answering service, of course. But not all Spanish-speaking answering services are the same. There are key differences, and if you select the wrong one, you and your customers will suffer.

Though you could do an online search and wade through the hundreds of results, interviewing and vetting each possible answering service provider, do you have that much time? Probably not. But it’s too risky to hire the first one and hope they’ll work out.

You need an answering service that makes Spanish a priority, not an add-on option. Here are some key distinguishing characteristics to look for in a Spanish telephone answering service.

100 Percent Spanish Speaking Agents

You want a true Spanish speaking answering service that’s staffed by 100 percent Spanish speaking agents. Not some of them. And not at least one per shift. But all agents, every shift, 24/7. That means that whoever answers your call is ready to speak Spanish to your caller.

The last thing you want is someone who will spout off a phonetically memorized and poorly spoken phrase in Spanish as they make a hasty call transfer to a Spanish-speaking agent. Then your caller waits on hold for that one Spanish speaker to become available. That’s not service. That’s a disservice.

That’s why you should only go with a bilingual answering service that places a priority on Spanish speaking staff, hiring only articulate knowledgeable Spanish-speaking telephone agents.

Country Neutral Accents

Another concern is accents. Merely being able to speak Spanish is not good enough. You don’t want to offend your customers by subjecting them to someone at your answering service who speaks accented Spanish. This is disrespectful to your callers and hampers effective communication.

That’s why it’s critical to select a Spanish-speaking answering service that emphasizes accent-neutral speakers. Because of where they’re located, most answering services that attempt to serve the Spanish-speaking population can’t pull it off. They fall short because their reps have noticeable accents. This is unacceptable.

Miami Based and Miami Staffed

To address this, look for an answering service based in a geographic area that has a high density of educated, fluent Spanish speakers. This means they’ve positioned themselves in an ideal labor market. That allows them to attract and hire the best Spanish-speaking telephone agents to serve you.

One of the premier Spanish-speaking labor markets in the United States is Miami-Dade County, home to the City of Miami. An answering service based in Miami can tap the local labor market to attract a professional staff of Spanish-speaking answering service agents.

Fully Spanish/English Bilingual

Though you desire a Spanish-speaking answering service to serve your Spanish-speaking callers, don’t forget about your English-speaking customers. That’s why it’s critical that your Spanish answering service have Spanish/English bilingual agents who can deftly address callers in either language, according to your customer’s preference.


For a Spanish-speaking answering service that is set apart and poised to serve you with excellence, go with the telephone service experts at America’s Telephone Answering Service.

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