Electrician Call Answering Service

Electrical contractors must juggle multiple unrelated tasks to maintain a viable business and move successfully into the future. This means keeping existing customers happy, finding new business, and submitting bids. It also includes staffing, purchasing supplies, and managing the business side of it all.

With so many activities, electrical contractor owners and managers struggled to keep up. One critical element, however, that often doesn’t receive enough attention is the venerable telephone. Don’t take your phone calls for granted, hire an electrician call answering service to ensure every caller receives the attention they deserve.

What Does a Phone Call Mean to Your Electrical Contractor Business?

A ringing telephone can represent a multitude of varied caller requests, but the largest category of calls represents business. The call may be an occasion to generate repeat business with an existing customer. Just as likely, however, a telephone call could be an opportunity for new business.

Consider a third scenario. If a perspective customer has an unmeant electrical need that their current provider can’t handle or isn’t responsive to, they may call you. Though this is an emergency for them, it’s more likely a disruption to you, conflicting with all your scheduled jobs and other activities. Yet a timely response to this one-off request can very well result in future work in the form of ongoing maintenance jobs and new projects.

Don’t leave any of these phone calls to chance. Trust a contractor answering service to take these critical calls around the clock for you, whenever you’re unavailable.

What Does an Unanswered Phone Call Cost You?

When you’re busy dealing with customers, employees, and electrical work, it’s easy to view the ringing telephone as an interruption. And it often is. Yet it’s an interruption that you need to learn to embrace.

If the phone call is from an existing customer with an urgent need and you ignore it, they’ll go someplace else. In doing so, you run the risk of them becoming a former customer. When this happens your competition benefits and your bottom line suffers.

Similarly, if the phone call is from a prospective customer, remember that you only have one chance to make a good first impression. Answering their phone call promptly and professionally establishes a positive foundation to build on. Not answering a phone call represents lost business. They’ll never call back. By ignoring their phone call or giving a haphazard response you drive them away.

You may argue that your competition struggles with this same dilemma, but if they have an electrical contractor answering service ready to handle their phone calls 24/7, this won’t be an issue for them—just for you.

What Is the Most Cost-Effective Solution?

You could hire extra staff to handle these phone calls for you. But adding a couple of full-time employees to answer phone calls around the clock is a cost-prohibitive solution. And trying to depend on an answering machine or voicemail to answer these time-critical, money-producing calls is nearly as unprofessional as not answering them at all.

At only a few dollars a day for most electrical contractors, hiring electrician call answering service is the most cost-effective way to produce outstanding results.

Use an Electrician Call Answering Service to Produce Optimum Outcomes

When you hire an answering service for electricians, you tap a group of seasoned specialists who focus on the prompt, polite, and professional handling of each one of your phone calls, day or evening, weekday or weekend, providing 24/7 continuous telephone coverage whenever you need it.

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