You may wonder if answering services still exist. That question may be what brought you to this page. Answering services most assuredly still exist. The industry is bigger and more viable than ever, it’s just that—like most industries—it has changed over time and no longer looks like it once did.

More Companies Than Ever Use an Answering Service

Once filling the need of answering phone calls and taking short messages, telephone answering services now do much more than they have ever done. Advances in technology and telephone services have opened the door over the past few decades for answering services to do more than ever for their client companies.

And they serve a broader array of industries and businesses from small businessproperty management, plumbing, and electrical, to HVAC, and other specialized services.

Yes, today’s answering services still exist, and they do much more than they once did.

Consolidation Has Reduced the Number of Viable Services

Despite this, there seems to be fewer answering services now than there once were. This is true.

The mergers and acquisitions industry sees the value in answering services, with conglomerates forming to gobble up many of the small and medium-sized players to form large networks of providers managed from a centralized location. These conglomerates aim to achieve economies of scale for the purpose of maximizing profits.

This leaves fewer independent operations available to serve businesses who expect the personal touch, quality interactions, and professional outcomes. Therefore, many people looking for an answering service perceive there are few options, leading some to ask if answering services still exist? They do.

The Size of the Industry Continues to Grow

Given that the answering service industry is doing more work for more businesses, coupled with the fact of consolidation, means that the big conglomerates are getting bigger. Nevertheless, the overall amount of work handled by the answering service industry continues to grow. It’s more viable today than it ever has been through its long history of service to its clients.

Yes, Telephone Answering Services Still Exist

Though the answering service industry is growing and viable, finding the right answering service for your business may be harder than ever. This is because there are fewer options out there, and few truly independent answering services remain. Yet the independent provider is the one most likely to serve your callers well, offer the quality they deserve, and meet the expectations of you and your customers.

To help you in your quest, look at this post on how to select the best answering service company. This will get you started and point you in the right direction.

Rest assured, answering services still exist. We’re proof of that. We’ve been around for a quarter of a century, proudly serving the business community as an independent answering service provider that puts a priority on meeting client needs.

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