You may be wondering about call answering service cost. It’s a great question, and it’s one of the first ones most people ask when looking to hire a telephone answering service or to switch from one provider to a new one.

Answering service rates consist of three things: a reoccurring base rate, included time (work), and a fee for additional usage, if any.

Based on these three parameters, you can see that the amount of each invoice will vary with the number of calls taken (the amount of time used) in the billing cycle. For a small business that might receive 5 to 6 after-hours calls each day, the cost would be about $100.

This is an incredibly small price to pay for the immense value that a call answering service provides. Quite simply, using a call answering service is the most cost-effective way to professionally handle your telephone calls. It’s that simple.

When looking at call answering service cost, consider the following three essential goals and desirable outcomes.

Retain Business

What happens when the customer calls your business in the evenings, on weekends, or during a holiday? The treatment they receive on these phone calls will go a long way to keeping their business or driving them away.

If you force a loyal customer to leave a message on an answering machine or interact with infuriating voicemail prompts, you’re sending a clear message that you don’t care about them.

Even worse yet is to not answer the phone at all and expect them to call back during regular business hours. It’s not going to happen. They’ll call your competitor instead.

Yet when you treat your customers to a listening ear and an empathetic response from a real person at your call answering service, they’ll be delighted in you, knowing that you care about their business.

Gain New Customers

Prospects will call your business when they have a felt need. This can occur during two common situations.

One is when an issue arises, and their first thought is to pick up the phone in search of a solution. They want answers right away. That’s why it’s so important to have a real person answer your phone when you’re not in the office.

The second scenario is when a prospect calls another business and encounters a mediocre response or no response at all. They hang up in frustration and call you. This is an excellent opportunity for you to win new business. But to gain them as a customer, you’re going to need the personal responsiveness of a call answering service.

What is a new customer worth to you? Quite likely it’s many times the call answering service cost for the entire month, even a year. This is why it’s foolish not to hire an answering service to handle your after-hours phone calls.

Realize Life-Time Value

Last, look at the lifetime value of a customer. This varies from industry to industry: thousands of dollars, to tens of thousands of dollars, to even more.

One bungled phone call in the evenings or weekends could put the lifetime value of your customer in jeopardy. Don’t send your best business to your competitor. Instead, strive to retain that value for the life of the customer. It starts with your call answering service.

The Next Step

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