Key Outcomes of Using a Bilingual Law Firm Answering Service

Are you looking for ways to better address the legal needs of your clients? Do you want to achieve better results without working even more hours than you already are? The solution is both simple and elegant. Hire a bilingual law firm answering service to handle your telephone communications for you, freeing you up to do what is more important and what is more fulfilling.

Better Serve Spanish Speakers

When you hire a proven bilingual legal answering service, you tap a professional organization that will handle your Spanish-speaking callers with the same excellence as your English-speaking callers and vice versa. That’s what happens when you use an answering service that is truly bilingual.

It makes no difference if the caller speaks English or Spanish, everyone will receive the same great level of service from the staff at a 100 percent bilingual answering service. But you won’t realize this benefit unless you hire a bilingual law firm answering service.

Maximize Billable Hours

Many people think a bilingual answering service answers calls outside of business hours. This is correct. However, they can also take your calls during office hours.

By turning your ringing telephone over to your bilingual legal answering service, you remove distractions, which allows for an increase in your focus. This provides the opportunity to maximize your billable hours when you’re in the office.

And your answering service will also cover for you when you’re meeting with a client or in court.

Grow Your Client Base

What happens when someone calls your law firm when your office is closed? Do they reach a clunky answering machine? That certainly sends the wrong message, and they’ll be sure to dismiss you forever. Or might they encounter a voicemail system? They’re unlikely to leave a message, but they will call your competitor instead, which means you just lost business.

Or you could have these after-hours calls forward to your cell phone. That would certainly provide a personal, accessible touch, which avoids the downsides of automation. But the risk of doing this is constant incursions on your personal time. That’s not a viable solution either.

The best and most cost-effective solution is to have a bilingual legal answering service handle your calls 24/7. This provides around-the-clock accessibility to your clients and prospective clients on the evenings, weekends, and even holidays.

Not only will your bilingual law firm answering service take messages for you, they can also screen your calls and perform a basic intake interview with prospective clients. The bottom line in all this is you will grow your client base, which will bolster your business’s bottom line.

Protect Personal Time

As we mentioned, your bilingual legal answering service can screen your calls and do a basic intake for new clients. This means less interruptions during family time and personal activities when you’re not in the office.

You tell your bilingual answering service what constitutes an emergency and what doesn’t. Using your criteria, they’ll contact you only with those calls that truly need your immediate attention, according to your instructions. For all other callers, they’ll give out information to the caller or collect information from them for you to address the next business day.

The result of this is being able to better separate your business life from your personal life, providing a more holistic lifestyle.

The Next Step

To realize the excellence provided by a bilingual law firm answering service, go with the award-winning experts at America’s Telephone Answering Service. Contact us today to discover how we can serve you and your callers in both English and Spanish.