Miami-Based America’s Telephone Answering Service

America’s Telephone Answering Service serves clients across the United States. Our growth is a tribute to the success we’ve had in serving a diverse client base throughout the country. But as a Miami-based bilingual answering service, with 100 percent local staff, we’re committed to our area: Miami, Miami-Dade County, and Southeast Florida.

If you seek an answering service with a local Miami connection and a local Miami commitment, your search is over. When you buy local from America’s Telephone Answering Service you invest in the local economy, and, as a bonus, you’ll enjoy award-winning service from a leading and independently owned and operated answering service.


We’re in Miami. And we know Miami. We understand the local culture, the distinctive needs of our unique bilingual business environment, and the practical expectations of our English and Spanish-speaking population. You won’t find that in any other answering service outside the area or in another state.

We’re committed to Miami, which means we’re committed to local businesses and to your organization. This benefits you and your callers because we know what’s going on locally and can serve you more intelligently and with greater insight. You win, and your callers win with an answering service in Miami.

English/Spanish Bilingual

With a 100 percent bilingual staff, America’s Telephone Answering Service employees can interact with you in either Spanish or English, according to your preferences. And your customers and callers receive the same courteous, flexible communication in their language of choice. We achieve this by hiring the best bilingual employees, who are proficient in both English and Spanish. The result is a fully Miami-based bilingual answering service that is homegrown and committed to serving you and our community.

Homegrown Staff

All our staff hail from the Miami area. We work in Miami, and we live in Miami. We’re committed to our community and the surrounding area, serving the region with bilingual English/Spanish, award-winning service distinction.

As a local Miami business, we’re big enough to deliver excellence and small enough to provide the local, homegrown, caring touch that you and your callers deserve and appreciate. This starts with our hands-on owner and accessible management team who support our phone-answering employees and empowers them to serve you with quality service that is second to none.

Select America’s Telephone Answering Service: Miami-Based and Bilingual

To provide your customers and callers with the best service available—and one that’s located right here in Miami—go with our Miami-based bilingual answering service. We’re staffed with agents who have both Spanish and English proficiency. The best way to serve your diverse customers is with a bilingual telephone answering service that’s right here in Miami.

You’ll get all this and much more with the award-winning employees at America’s Telephone Answering Service. Contact us today to discover how we can serve you and your callers in both English and Spanish.

For a Miami-based bilingual answering service in Spanish and English, go with the telephone service experts at America’s Telephone Answering Service.

Para obtener un buen servicio de mensajería telefónica bilingüe con sede en Miami, consulte con los expertos en mensajeria, America’s Telephone Answering Service.