Discover the Benefits of Bilingual Answering Service

If some of your customers speak English and other customers speak Spanish, shouldn’t you have an answering service that can talk with them both? Shouldn’t you have a bilingual answering service? Yes, of course you should, but do you?

Too many businesses have an English-only perspective and effectively dismiss their Spanish-speaking prospects, as well as those who are bilingual but prefer Spanish. Did you know that one in eight people in the United States speak Spanish or prefer Spanish?

English Answering Services

There are many answering services that speak English, and some of them are good. But many are part of large answering service conglomerates that crank through calls, pushing quality aside and not being able to deal with the important expectations you have for your customers and your callers.

Yes, these English-only answering services can effectively communicate with your English-speaking callers. They’ll answer your phone in English, talk with your callers in English, and take messages in English.

But if a Spanish speaker or Spanish-preferred speaker calls, these English-only answering services will flounder. They won’t know what to do. They might have one or two staff members who speak a little Spanish. And even if they do, what if that one person isn’t working when your Spanish speaking customer happens to call?

Nothing will happen. They won’t be able to serve your Spanish-speaking caller. That person will hang up and call someone else who is able to talk to them in Spanish. You’ll lose business. This happens because you have the wrong answering service.

Spanish Answering Services

Alternately you can hire an answering service Spanish specialty provider. Though not common, they do exist. They’ll treat your Spanish callers with excellence. They’ll answer in Spanish, talk to callers in Spanish, and take messages in Spanish.

Your Spanish-speaking callers and customers will be delighted. But unless your English-speaking callers know a bit of Spanish—and most do not—they’ll be out of luck.

Instead of looking for an answering service in Spanish or one in English, seek a Spanish-English answering service. You need a bilingual answering service for English and Spanish.

Bilingual Answering Services and Multilingual Answering Services

To get the best of both worlds you want an English and Spanish speaking answering service. This bilingual telephone answering service can fluently talk with your callers in both English and Spanish.

And if a caller starts out in one language, such as English, and switches to Spanish so that they can better communicate, the answering service bilingual agent can switch languages along with them. That can’t happen at a Spanish answering service. Nor can it happen at an English answering service. It can only happen with answering service English and Spanish specialists at a fully bilingual answering service.

The Ideal Solution

To provide your customers and callers with the best possible service, don’t go with a single language answering service. Instead go with a bilingual answering service staffed with bilingual agents who are fluent in both English and Spanish. This is the best way to serve a diverse customer base.

To realize the excellence provided by an answering service that speaks Spanish, go with the award-winning experts at America’s Telephone Answering Service. Contact us today to discover how we can serve you and your callers in both English and Spanish.

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