What Is the Best Answering Service? 

For businesses that care about their telephone, they want to find the best answering service. But with hundreds of options available, how can you find which one is the best? That’s not the right question. The smart way to frame this query is to ask what is the best answering service for your business?

The answer you came up with may not be what your competitor or your friend determines is the best for them. Here are some areas to consider in determining which answering service best fits your business and its requirements.

 The Best Answering Service Meets Your Needs

 First, you need an answering service that addresses your service preferences. This goes beyond the basic expectations of them answering your phone calls within an acceptable number of rings and taking accurate messages.

 Do they treat your callers the way you want them to? The way you do when customers call your office? Are they polite and professional? Do they calm agitated callers? Do they solve simple issues so that you don’t have to?

 Look at what is important for your business, and make sure your answering service can deliver.

 The Best Answering Service Offers Frictionless Customer Service

 Next, you want an answering service that is easy to work with. Once your account is set up, the need to contact them shouldn’t often occur. If you find yourself calling your service on a daily or even weekly basis, that’s a sign that something’s wrong.

 Either your account is not set up correctly to meet your business’s expectations, or the level of service they provide is a mismatch for your company. Though errors do happen, they should occur infrequently. And though you may have occasional concerns about how a call was, or wasn’t, handled, this issue shouldn’t pop up often.


In those rare times when you do need to call, you should expect your contact person to exude professionalism, Even more importantly, expect them to address the reason for your call. This should happen quickly and fully. Needing to make multiple contacts, endure finger-pointing, experience transferring from one person to the next, or wait a long time for a call back are all signs that indicate your answering service isn’t so good. 

The Best Is Not Low Prices but High Value

 In our discussion on the best answering service, you may have noticed that we have not talked about price. Most business owners and managers make the mistake of shopping for an answering service by finding the one with the lowest rates. Through understandable consideration, shopping on price is shortsighted. Buying the cheapest answering service is the fastest way to finding the worst answering service. Don’t do that.

 However, if you don’t care about your customers or the treatment they receive when they call, then go with a bargain-basement answering service. Or save even more money by not bothering to answer your phone when customers call. Just let it ring.

 But if you value your customers and the reception they receive when they reach your answering service, then look for a provider that delivers high value instead of the lowest prices. Shopping on value—although a bit more challenging to ascertain—is a sure way to pick a winning answering service.

 Moving Forward

 Now you know that to find the best answering service for your company it must address your expectations, be easy to work with and provide high value. But never shop on price.

 If your answering service meets these requirements, congratulations! You’ve found the best answering service for your business. Well done.

 If your current answering service, however, falls short in one of these areas, don’t despair. Schedule a meeting to see if you can work things out before you decide you must leave. Then, if it’s time to find another provider, part ways amicably.

 If you’re looking for a new answering service or looking for your first one, please contact us today to discover how we’ll work hard to be the best answering service for your business.

best photoOur goal is to meet your needs, be easy to work with and provide high value. Join our growing number of clients who believe we meet these objectives.