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Bilingual Law Office Answering Service

For a legal practice or law firm, maximizing billable hours is a key step to ensuring long-term viability. It’s also essential to make sure you are available to serve your clients both now and into the future. One vital way of doing this is to outsource routine telephone communications to a skilled legal answering service.

Let the phone professionals at your legal answering service do what they do best: conduct expert communication over the phone. This frees you up to do what you do best: address the legal issues of your clients.

As a bonus, when you select a bilingual law office answering service that’s proficient in both English and Spanish, you increase the scope of your client base. Don’t dismiss Spanish speakers, which the US Census Bureau puts at 41 million people. This amounts to 13 percent of the population or about one in eight people. That means without an English and Spanish speaking answering service, you’ll lose one in eight people in the country who speak Spanish or prefer to speak Spanish.

A quality bilingual legal answering service can handle your phone calls during office hours, in the evenings, on weekends, or during the holidays. They can even provide full, around-the-clock telephone coverage by addressing all four of these scenarios.

Office Hours Law Firm Answering Service

If you’re in court, meeting with a client, or conducting a business lunch, what happens when someone calls your office? Do they reach voicemail? If so, they’re unlikely to leave a message. Even worse, does your answering machine pick up? They’ll hang up for sure.

That’s why you need a legal answering service to cover your phone during the business day. They can take messages, give out routine information to your callers, and—if you give them secure access to your appointment calendar—they can even book appointments for you. Imagine going to lunch with a hole in your afternoon schedule, only to return finding that your answering service filled it for you.

And when you’re in the office focusing on another task, do you really want a phone call to interrupt you and break your concentration? Of course not. Let your answering service screen calls, take messages, set appointments, and conduct basic client intake for you.

Though you could hire a receptionist to do this for you, an answering service is a real bargain at a small fraction of the cost. Plus, with an answering service you don’t need to worry about covering lunch hours, breaks, sick days, and vacation time. Your answering service is always available and ready to answer the call, anytime.

Evening Hours Legal Answering Service

People with legal concerns will call you when there felt need is the greatest. This may occur during business hours, or it may happen during the other 16 hours of the day when your office is closed.

Make sure you capture those leads—every one of them. Don’t expect prospects to call back when your office is open. By then they will have already reached someone else and forgotten about you.

Think of it this way, by not having a bilingual law firm answering service, you’re actually helping your competitor grow their business—because they’re not going to let their phone go unanswered.

Weekend Attorney Answering Service

In addition to weekdays, we also have the weekends. Yes, you worked hard during the week and want to take the weekend off. But don’t let your phone take time off too. Make sure it’s working for you seven-days-a-week, 24-hours-a-day.

Let the experts at your bilingual legal answering service cover your weekend calls too. Again, they can capture leads, set appointments, and process client intake. In addition, they can screen calls for emergencies and give out routine information. Tell them what you need, and they’ll do it for you.

Holiday Legal Answering Service

Holidays are a special time to relax and celebrate with family and friends. It’s also a unique time when unusual things occur, and people need an attorney. Make sure that when they call your number, you have your legal answering service ready to take that call for you.

Tap the 24/7 Skills of a Bilingual Legal Answering Service

To make sure your law office doesn’t miss another call, you could try to answer them all yourself. But that will cut into your billable hours during the day and interfere with your personal time after hours. That’s unacceptable.

Or you could hire a full-time receptionist to answer your phone during office hours, but that doesn’t address after hours. It also leaves holes of no coverage when your receptionist is on break, at lunch, out sick, or on vacation. And that doesn’t even address evening, weekend, and holiday phone answering. Again, adding an employee isn’t the answer.

The most cost-effective solution is with a 24/7 bilingual law office answering service. They’ll represent your practice or firm in a professional manner to your clients and your prospects. They’ll cover your phone around-the-clock with their bilingual telephone answering service geared to the specific needs and exact requirements of legal professionals like you.

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