Cultured phone agents who understand service.

We know Spanish bilingual answering service. Why? Because we have a center in Miami.

It’s important to trust a company with decades of experience in the bilingual market to handle your calls.
  • Center located in Hispanic market.
  • Specialty staff recruited with country-neutral accents and vocabulary.

  • Calls answered quickly – by specialized agents assigned to different industries.

  • More competitive pricing due to lower overhead costs due to smaller staff size

  • Owner available to speak directly with you to resolve any issues

  • Owner Operated – 25 Years in the Business

  • No Contracts

bilingual legal answering service

Bilingual English-Spanish Answering Services can present challenges for you and your customers such as cross-cultural barriers and cultural variations. Many of the large answering services present issues like slow call answering, long hold times, inaccurate message taking, rude operators, mishandled calls and lack of attention to your needs. Clients have trusted America’s Answering Service for over 25 years because we understand these challenges and rise to the challenge and meet your demands. Our well selected and trained staff are the key components that make us the right solution for your company. We believe you’ll find a home for your call answering needs here.

Bilingual English-Spanish Call Answering Service

Do all your customers speak English as their primary language? Many do not. And for some who use English, it’s their secondary language, and they may struggle to fully say what’s on their mind.

A sizable percentage of these non-English-speaking people in the United States are Spanish speakers. The US Census Bureau puts the number of Spanish speakers in the US at 41 million. This amounts to 13 percent of the population or about one in eight people. Yes, one in eight people in the country speak Spanish.

Are you doing all you can to fully serve this 13 percent of the population? If you’re not, how much business are you losing? In today’s economy, you can’t overlook a business segment this large.

English Answering Service

What happens when these Spanish-speaking callers reach your English-only answering service? Some will try to muddle through only to end the call with frustration. And they’ll judge your business as inaccessible or uncaring as a result. Strike one.

Others may seek a family member or friend to interpret for them, which is a time-consuming task and carries its own set of annoyances. Again, they’ll blame you for forcing them to waste someone else’s time as they try to complete an otherwise-simple communication task. Strike two.

Most people who encounter a language barrier at an answering service will simply hang up. They’ll never call back. What will they do instead? They’ll call a business that speaks Spanish. When this happens you’ve lost business, and your competitor has gained a customer. Strike three.

Though there are a lot of telephone answering services in the United States, most of them focus on English. They are English only. These English-speaking answering services can address the 78 percent of the population who speaks English, but they’ll completely fail at the other 22 percent, most of whom speak Spanish.

Don’t dismiss one out of every eight callers just because they speak Spanish and your answering service doesn’t.

Bilingual English-Spanish Answering Service from America’s Telephone Answering Service

Even if you have just one customer who speaks or prefers Spanish, don’t disrespect them by hiring an English-only answering service. Instead, go with a bilingual English-Spanish bilingual call answering service that excels in serving both English-speaking and Spanish-speaking callers.

Select the bilingual English-Spanish answering service experts from America’s Telephone Answering Service. Our bilingual agents are fluent in both English and Spanish.

America’s Telephone Answering Service will serve your English-speaking customers with excellence. And they’ll also provide that same superior level of customer service to your Spanish-speaking callers, including those who are more comfortable using Spanish.

Location Matters

Miami-based America’s Telephone Answering Service is ideally located to tap a skilled labor pool of bilingual English-Spanish speaking workers. Few bilingual answering services are so strategically located and perfectly situated as we are at America’s Telephone Answering Service.

We carefully screen for and hire staff with country-neutral Spanish accents. This is key for your Spanish-speaking callers who may be sensitive to country-specific accents and vocabulary.

Cultured Phone Agents Who Understand Service

At America’s Telephone Answering Service, we understand the importance of providing exceptional customer service. Our phone agents are not only bilingual in English and Spanish, but they are also culturally aware and sensitive. We recognize that cross-cultural barriers and cultural variations can present challenges for both you and your customers. That’s why our well-selected and trained staff are equipped to handle these challenges and meet your demands.

Center Located in Hispanic Market

Our center is strategically located in Miami, which is known for its large Hispanic population. This allows us to tap into a skilled labor pool of bilingual English-Spanish speaking workers. We carefully recruit staff with country-neutral accents and vocabulary, ensuring that your Spanish-speaking callers feel comfortable and understood. By choosing a bilingual answering service located in a Hispanic market, you can trust that your calls will be handled by agents who are familiar with the language and culture.

Calls Answered Quickly by Specialized Agents

We understand the importance of prompt call answering. That’s why we have specialized agents assigned to different industries, ensuring that your calls are answered quickly and efficiently. Our agents are trained to handle a wide range of industries, from healthcare to legal services, and everything in between. By having agents who are knowledgeable in your specific industry, you can trust that your callers will receive accurate and professional assistance.

More Competitive Pricing and Owner Availability

As an owner-operated business with 25 years of experience, we pride ourselves on providing competitive pricing and personalized service. Our smaller staff size allows us to have lower overhead costs, which translates to more affordable pricing for our clients. Additionally, our owner is available to speak directly with you to resolve any issues or address any concerns you may have. We value every client and strive to provide the highest level of customer satisfaction.

No Contracts, Just Exceptional Service

Unlike many other answering services, we do not require long-term contracts. We believe in earning your business through our exceptional service, rather than locking you into a contract. This gives you the flexibility to adjust your service as needed, without any hassle or commitment. With America’s Telephone Answering Service, you can trust that your bilingual English-Spanish answering needs will be met with professionalism, efficiency, and care. Contact us today to learn more about our industry-leading services.”

The Next Step

Don’t write off your Spanish-speaking callers by using an English-only answering service. Instead go with our premier bilingual English-Spanish answering service professionals at America’s Telephone Answering Service.

Not only do we have one of the best English-Spanish bilingual staffs in the industry, but we’re also independently owned and operated. We’re large enough to provide consistent, professional service, and we’re small enough to care about each one of our customers in a personal, attentive way.

Don’t go with one of the big conglomerates who views your business as a number and your callers as a transaction. Instead go with America’s Telephone Answering Service, and we’ll treat both you and your customers with the utmost care.

Contact America’s Telephone Answering Service today to learn more about our industry-leading services or begin using our highly effective bilingual English-Spanish answering service.

No contracts. No hassle. No reason to put this off another day.  Start using an answering service that speaks Spanish.


What makes America’s Telephone Answering Service the right choice for bilingual answering services?

America’s Telephone Answering Service has decades of experience in the bilingual market and understands the challenges and cultural variations that come with bilingual English-Spanish answering services.
– They have a center located in Miami, which is in the Hispanic market and allows them to tap into a skilled labor pool of bilingual English-Spanish speaking workers.
– Their specialty staff is recruited with country-neutral accents and vocabulary, ensuring a culturally sensitive and accurate communication experience.

Why is it important to have a bilingual answering service for Spanish-speaking callers?

A sizable percentage of the population in the United States speaks Spanish, with approximately 41 million Spanish speakers.
– By not having a bilingual answering service, businesses may be losing out on potential customers and revenue from this significant segment of the population.
– Spanish-speaking callers who encounter a language barrier may become frustrated, perceive the business as inaccessible or uncaring, and choose to take their business elsewhere.

What sets America’s Telephone Answering Service apart from English-only answering services?

America’s Telephone Answering Service offers a bilingual English-Spanish answering service that excels in serving both English-speaking and Spanish-speaking callers.
– Their bilingual agents are fluent in both English and Spanish, ensuring effective communication and customer service for both language groups.
– Unlike many English-only answering services, America’s Telephone Answering Service understands the importance of serving the 22 percent of the population who speak Spanish and provides a location in Miami to tap into a skilled bilingual labor pool.”

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