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The last 24/7 telephone answering service you’ll ever need.

It’s important to trust a company with decades of experience in handling 24/7 service
  • Flex Staffing – Scaled to quickly answer calls during peak hours and holidays – 24x7x365
  • More competitive pricing due to lower overhead costs with smaller staff size
  • Owner available to speak directly with you to resolve any issues
  • Owner Operated – 25 Years in the Business
  • No Contracts
24 7 telephone answering service

Telephone Answering Services operating 24/7 can provide your company the around the clock presence you demand. Clients have trusted America’s Answering Service for over 25 years because we understand these challenges and rise to the challenge and meet your demands. Our around the click well selected and trained staff are the key components that make us the right solution for your company. We believe you’ll find a home for your call answering needs here – no matter what time it is!

Consider all that America’s Telephone Answering Service can do for you to help your business effectively communicate with your customers and prospects.

24/7 Availability for Your Convenience

At America’s Answering Service, we understand the importance of being available to our clients at all times. That’s why we offer a 24/7 telephone answering service, 365 days a year. Whether it’s during peak hours, holidays, or even in the middle of the night, our well-selected and trained staff are always here to answer your calls promptly. We believe that no matter what time it is, you’ll find a home for your call answering needs with us. With over 25 years of experience in the industry, you can trust us to handle your calls with the utmost professionalism and efficiency.

Flexible Staffing for Peak Hours and Holidays

One of the advantages of choosing America’s Answering Service is our ability to scale our staffing to quickly answer calls during peak hours and holidays. We understand that these times can be particularly busy for your business, and it’s crucial to have a reliable answering service that can handle the increased call volume. Our flexible staffing allows us to meet your demands and ensure that your callers receive fast and courteous service, no matter the time of day. Additionally, our smaller staff size allows us to offer more competitive pricing, as we have lower overhead costs. When you choose America’s Answering Service, you can rest assured that the owner is available to speak directly with you to resolve any issues that may arise.”

Quick Call Answering

 Conscientious business owners and managers care about the treatment their callers receive. This starts with answering calls quickly. Our goal at America’s Telephone Answering Service is to answer all calls promptly. And our results far exceed the long hold times that occur with many other answering services.

This means that we surpass the minimal expectation of answering calls within five rings (thirty seconds). This is too long by our standards. We aim for two to three rings, which is both reasonable and acceptable by most all accounts.

Of course, we answer many calls on the first ring. And each time we do, our promptness delights your callers. They know someone cares enough about them to answer quickly. It shows them respect.

Fast Response

Answering calls quickly is the first step. The next one is to respond fast. This means we don’t let callers languish on hold for long times.

We answer quickly and then respond to their concerns just as fast. This may mean giving them information about your business, such as office hours, location, or other commonly asked questions. More likely, however, it means taking a message—an accurate message, which we’ll get to in a bit.

Depending on the nature of the phone call, we’ll usually send these messages to you when your office reopens the next business day. Or for calls that can’t wait and need a quick resolution, we’ll relay the message to the right person or your scheduled on-call staff for immediate help.

The point is, answering calls quickly isn’t enough. You need an answering service that responds fast too. We do. We make long hold times a thing of the past.

Accurate Message Taking

As we mentioned, part of a fast response is taking a message. But not any message will do. It must be an accurate message. This means gathering all the information that you request us to get from your callers. It also means that it contains correct information.

A phone number missing a digit will never do. That’s almost as bad as no phone number at all. Accurate message taking means that we capture the complete phone number and verify it.

We don’t tolerate incorrect messages like many other answering services do. And neither should you.

Well-Trained Staff

The key to being able to offer you quick call answering, fast responses, and correct message taking is a tribute to our staff. Our well-trained staff is the backbone of who we are and the service we provide.

This training allows us to weed out weak staff and the rude operators that are all-to-prevalent at other answering services.

To ensure that they’re at their best, to give you their best, we give our staff high-quality training. This includes telephone etiquette, customer service education, and operational instruction on our answering service system.

The result is a staff who is trained well to serve you and your callers with excellence. 

Properly Handled Calls

The result of all the above steps is properly handled calls. Let the mishandled calls that you’ve experienced at other answering services be relegated to the past, where they belong.

When we handle your calls properly, we treat you and your callers right. This shows respect for your customers’ time and their reason for calling.

Then you benefit by having a professional telephone answering service that is no longer the weak link in your customer-facing communications. Instead, our answering service will turn into a strategic strength for your business.

In doing so, we trust that we’ll be the last 24/7 telephone answering service you’ll ever need.

Contact America’s Telephone Answering Service today to learn more about how we can be the last 24/7 telephone answering service you’ll ever need.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a 24/7 answering service?

A 24/7 answering service is a service that operates around the clock, 365 days a year, to answer phone calls on behalf of a company. It ensures that calls are promptly answered, messages are accurately taken, and responses are provided quickly.

Why should I choose a 24/7 answering service?

Choosing a 24/7 answering service ensures that your business has a constant presence and can effectively communicate with customers and prospects at any time. It provides fast and courteous call answering, eliminates long hold times, and ensures accurate message taking. Additionally, it allows you to focus on other aspects of your business while knowing that your calls are being handled professionally.

How does America’s Telephone Answering Service ensure fast and accurate call handling?

America’s Telephone Answering Service has a well-trained staff that is dedicated to providing excellent service. They are trained in telephone etiquette, customer service, and operational instruction on the

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