• No Contracts
  • Fast Call Answering
  • Bilingual service available in Spanish

  • Owner Operated – 25 Years in the Business
  • After hours or Around the clock
  • Priced for Small Businesses

With a changing industry and small services being acquired by large call centers, we remain independent, and offer the personalized service and fair pricing you’ve come to expect.

Rob Hudelson
Owner / Operator

With a changing industry and small services being acquired by large call centers, we remain independent, and offer the personalized service and fair pricing you’ve come to expect.

Rob Hudelson
Owner / Operator

Owner Operated vs. The Big Boys

As one of the few answering services that hasn’t sold out, here’s what you can expect that you won’t get from the massive call centers:

  • Personalized call handling due to smaller client base

  • Calls answered by agents who know your business due to smaller staff size

  • Faster call answering due to close supervision
  • More competitive pricing due to lower overhead costs
  • Owner available to speak directly with you to resolve any issues
  • Your business is valued, as every client is significant to our small business

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Telephone Answering Service Solutions That Work

Do you dread switching telephone answering services? Most business owners and professionals do. Yes, you know you need a telephone answering service as an essential part of your increasingly critical customer service initiatives. But your current provider has let
you down one too many times. All you want is telephone answering service solutions that work.

You wonder, however, if the next one will be the best solution for you. You don’t want to be disappointed again. How do you know for sure?

These are serious concerns.

Yet avoiding taking initiative to make a change—or even putting it off until later—isn’t going to fix the problem. In fact, every day of delay will only serve to make the situation an even greater worry.

What if staying with your current unsatisfactory telephone answering service provider brings you to that awful day when they let you down in the worst way possible? When you reach that terrible tipping point, there is no undo button that can fix it. It’s too late. That ship has

But you can avoid this needless pain and embarrassment by committing to move forward and leave your current unacceptable situation behind. You can embrace a new one from a trusted, after-hours telephone answering service solutions provider from an award winning, premier
professional service.

Narrowing Your Choices

But with all the options out there, how do you find the right one?

At America’s Telephone Answering Service we understand your concerns. We hear them every day. And we’re here to help. We’re committed to making your transition to our 24/7 call answering service be as smooth and painless as possible.

Yes, every telephone answering service says that. But we’re different. Yes, every telephone answering service says that too. But for us it’s true. Here’s why.

In an industry of mass consolidation, with corporate decision-making and profit incentives guiding the day-to-day operations at most telephone answering services across the country, our independently owned answering service stands out.

Our owner operated telephone answering service has stood the test of time with over a quarter century of providing the best telephone answering service we can to our valued clients.

From Discouraged to Elated

A frustrated HVAC owner recently contacted us. He had enough with his current provider. Their continual errors caused more work for his staff and wasted their time.
This decreased his billable hours, which frustrated both the owner and his staff.

The kicker came when a large account he had been pursuing for months called with an emergency after hours problem. But his telephone answering service bungled the call. And his prospect ended up calling his competitor. Now he has no chance of landing their business. They won’t even return his calls.

But after only a few weeks at America’s Telephone Answering Service, he already sees the difference. His billing has increased, his staff’s productivity is up, and his customers have stopped complaining about the telephone answering service.

He agrees that they provide HVAC telephone answering service solutions that work.

As a bonus our bilingual staff at America’s Telephone Answering Service have his Spanish clientele covered as well. He doesn’t have many Spanish-speaking or Spanish preferred callers, but when he does, “my telephone answering service communicates with them in an easy and effective competence that makes me proud.”

This HVAC business is just one of the many companies that enjoy the high level of service provided by America’s Telephone Answering Service, every day—all 24 hours of each day, including holidays.

Time to Act

Imagine having a telephone answering service like this, one that makes you look good and not bad. One that bolsters your bottom line and not siphons off profits. One that provides telephone answering service solutions that work. A valued telephone answering service that does what you
expect, how you expect it, and when you expect it.

You can realize this. Your solution can start today. Go with America’s Telephone Answering Service and experience our trusted, bilingual call answering service, available whenever you need it 24/7.

Get started now, call 800-235-9315 with your questions, or scroll down to receive a free quote. Take this first step toward a better tomorrow and enjoy telephone answering service solutions that work.

Frequently Asked Questions

We respect the privacy of our clients and do not furnish references at this time.


1. Visit our Sign Up page.

2. You’ll receive a welcome email with your forwarding number once your account is ready. It’s that simple!

We have proudly been serving customers over 25 years.

Most accounts can start with us the same day depending on the complexity of your account. We make signup and onboarding simple and easy.

We think there are a lot of reasons, but here are the top 5 our customers mention to us:

1. We are owner-operated, with the same personal service as when we started 20+ years ago.

2. Our service levels and attention to detail are superior to the large call center conglomerates.

3. Fast call answering and minimal hold time.

4. Fair pricing and accurate billing.

5. Our owner is personally available to assist you.

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